Monday, July 21, 2008

The Success Formula

1. Make 50 calls per day;
2. Get 20 referrals per day
3. Ensure 3 solid presentations per day
4. Focus to close minimum 2 cases per week.

(a) Commission
Example: Average case size of RM300 per month
(i) 2 cases per week i.e RM300 x 2 cases per week (7 days)

(ii) (RM300 x 12 months) = RM3,600 Annual Premium Income(API)

(iii) RM3,600 x 2 cases per week x 50 weeks in a year = RM360,000 API

(iv) RM360,000 X 25%

(v) RM90,000 / 12 months

(vi) RM7,500 per month commission (if u r focus, the commissions will grow even BIGGER)

(b) High Producer Fringe Benefit = Bonus:
Maximum Bonus is up to 8% per annum on the Total Annual Premium Income (API) for 3 consecutive years with conditions fullfilment of BNM's persistency.
Example: = RM360,000 x 8% = RM28,800

(c) Vacation Trip by the Company
(d) Personal and International Recognition
(e) Career Growth & Agency Building
(f) Agency Financing

Scheme from minimum RM1,000 up to maximum RM3,000 per month as a supplement to basic salary.( Recommended to fresh graduates, those who are working but would like join as full time consultants, and those who have taken VSS)

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